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Leadership Training

It is critical that we are all well rounded leaders. There is a clear defined difference between being a manager and a leader. Most businesses manage the core pieces but we are Global Leaders for Life Coaches. Therefore, we must be shaped into efficient, cultural leadership builders. Leaders are people who make things happen.

The difference between a leader and a manager is, leaders have people follow them while managers have people who work for them. A successful business owner needs to be both a strong leader and manager to get their team on board to follow them towards their vision of success. This is critical to the success of the Atiras International Coaching Academy. We want to influence change in the arena of Life Coaching leaders, not manage the change.

In doing so, we have the ability to empower Life Coaches to take charge of their business, own the pieces of success, teach them to follow the process of implementation that will enhance their business, and provide repeatable solutions for their areas of concern. As a Leaders, we have the capability to empower Life Coaches to monetize and embrace what they are called to do. There will be leadership development sessions each Coach will participate in to brand leadership culture within the Atiras International Coaching Academy.

The Culture

It is critical as a Life Coach that we understand the culture of Atiras International Coaching Academy and its global partners. As Life coaches we must understand organizational culture, we share a system of shared assumptions, values, beliefs, which governs how people behave in the organization. These shared values amongst us have a strong influence on the people in the organization, those who desire to connect, and dictate how they interact, prepare, address, and perform.


As a Life Coach it is extremely critical that you have passion. Passion comes down to an attitude or mindset when working on projects. The people who are passionate about their work don’t do it for the sake of “doing”. Passionate leaders are driven by curiosity and the motivation to learn about the world around them. When seeking to identify these qualities in yourself, it is important to note that leadership does not come in one style or size. You do not have to be the red-hot leader always sweating or pounding the table. Some of the top leaders illustrate their passion by leading teams through quiet, calm and thoughtful processes. Passion is a true desire to serve others, and do your best work possible.


Being a Global Leader requires a consistent pattern of leadership. It must be clearly articulated that YOU are called to a higher purpose. You are the leader that makes people feel emotionally engaged and inspire them to walk the extra mile. The organization has to mean something to people rather than simply being a rolodex of contacts. You are more than simply a good citizen. You must know when to answer to the call of the community. There must be a strong bridging and building of collaboration across borders and levels. The purpose of strong leadership is to build a strong organization, foster reliability, high expectations, problem solving, strong communications, team building, and remain fair and consistent. There has to be purpose behind every conversation, interaction and resource provided.


The intellectual process of goal setting must be a common core practice of business. Goals provide measurement of success and change. There are core goals as a global Life Coach that must be fostered to be successful from a global prospective which has a different definition of alignment from a local prospective. The first of the global alignment of goal setting would be strategic prospective, following customer focus, ability to spot trends and connect the dots, form committed teams, willingness to invest and take risks, and have deep knowledge and expertise. As a Global Life CoachLeader you will need to be available, and able to provide services to people from a vast majority of backgrounds and levels. In order to prepare for this you must set consistent goals to access your business at all times to ensure you are compatible and competitive in the market of global business.

Atiras International Coaching Academy is changing the way Life Coaches do business globally. In order to meet these goals and succeed there has to be alignment in the core principles of building a strong organization. These core principles are outlined as having a strong leadership foundation, structure in decision making and structural processes, ensuring the right people are in place, implementing and perfecting processing systems, and having a strong cultural foundation. Atiras International Coaching Academy believes in making positive impacts and foundational changes of growth for Life Coaches, one Coach at a time. However, it is understood this can’t be done without a core team of leadership established upon excellence. The Atiras International Coaching Academy is committed to the success of Life Coaches and this would include you. As we commit to your success, will you commit to our success by being the best Life coach? There is no better success than the success of growing from within!

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